Independent escort in London, United Kingdom

+44 07466794358

Hi hun. Im working as a call girl in London (i can give u my ad) and many guys txtin to me without booking, they just want to txtin with nice girl so i create service like that special for shy guys. So if u want to txtin about sex, about your hard dick or whatever u want i can read it and txtin with u for lets say half an hour just for 15GBP. If u think this offer is for u just txt me "shy guy", ill send u back my paypal link and when u make a payment im all yours for cute txtin adventure. If u decided book me after that than one hour with me (outcalls only) is for 110 (London). DONT WASTE MY TIME IF URE NOT INTERESTED THIS OFFER, believe me i got expirience with timewasters and i know when someone doing that :) Im sending paypal in first message so dont count that we can txt all day and than u will decided... coz not. Its upfront :) So "shy guy" on 07466794358 if u feel lonley or just curious ;) ITS ONLY txtin offer, ofcourse u can call, check who is on other side but its not a sex phone. As u can se my english is not perfect but ill do my best so im waiting for your message.

Last updated: 2020-03-23